Mar 28, 2019

Thoughts on the Web

Hey, what's up? My name is Scott, online I'm @scotato. I design and engineer modern web applications. This is a place where I can show you what I'm up to.

The initial focus of this blog will be to share the design & development process of, and the technology used to make it happen. I assume you're some kind of web expert so I won't get too detailed with the tech.


When it comes to building on the web, I'm primarily concerned with interfaces and experiences. The applications I build are constructed with JavaScript, API's and Markup. This website is designed in Figma, written in React, built with Gatsby, hosted on Github, and deployed by Netlify.

Feedback & Updates

As I develop this site, i'll be sharing the source on GitHub and soliciting feedback through Twitter. I'm not a big fan of email so no newsletter here, catch me on Twitter or follow the RSS!


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